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Vision Survey is an innovative, quality driven and expanding company formed on the basis of twenty years experience in the provision of surveying solutions in challenging project environments. Our surveying teams and management offer a range of expertise and commitment to delivery that is the cornerstone of the services that we offer our clients. In addition to the experience offered by our staff, training and continual assessment ensure that we fulfill our commitment to delivering a quality service.

Vision Survey delivers solutions in the fields of Utility, Topographical, Building (Internal and External) and CCTV Surveying. Our staff employs the latest methods, technology and software to generate survey drawings and models that meet with varying specifications. Our management teams support our clients in the effective utilisation of our surveys and offer consultancy services to projects with challenging survey requirements.
Vision Survey Head Office, Capital Place, 120 Bath Road, Heathrow

Our primary focus is on the Health and Safety of our staff and clients. We have a 0% AFR since company inception and continually strive to optimise our procedures and processes to maintain this level of performance. We pride ourselves on the implementation of quality control and high standards in the manner that we deliver our services. This is supported by the long-term and collaborative relationships that we have established with all our clients.

We provide surveying solutions across the UK and Ireland and have also provided consultancy services to Middle East based contractors. Our commitment to all our clients is that we will deliver a quality based solution.

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