Permit-to-Dig Control

Incidences of 'service strikes' and related 'near-misses' are an ever present and increasing problem in the construction industry. Some of the potential consequences of such incidents are:

  • Injury or Fatality

  • Downtime leading to programme delays
          and financial penalties

  • Damage to plant and machinery

  • Adverse effect on company reputation and
          image, e.g. late project delivery, media coverage

  • Significant repair costs

  • Increased insurance premiums

  • Low scoring on client evaluations
Permit to Dig Control

Vision Survey staff have many years experience in controlling permit-to-dig systems and setting up new permit-to-dig processes for large and small scale projects. Our surveyors can operate and control your construction site works and effectively manage your permit-to-dig system. This is a proven system as incorporated on the Olympics Park, Stratford.

The first step in addressing the risks above is to carry out a utility survey. The risk now lies with the interpretation and use of the survey drawing on site during the construction phase of the project. Our experience in this field has proven that in the majority of instances of service strikes, the personnel involved have misinterpreted survey drawings, were not aware of associated work exclusion zones or did not respond correctly to the presence of service markings. These issues surrounding the root causes of service strikes are effectively addressed by the implementation of an on-site permit-to-dig system.

How It Works

The key to delivering this service is to ensure that adequate control measures are in place. These include:

These control measures cover the entire duration of the construction phases. This 'whole cycle' approach has been proven to deliver best results in terms of H&S, achieving program targets and client satisfaction.

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